So you want to dance. Now!

And you think you can dance.

And you want to do it in the middle of the woods in Sweden.

Or just another random place that could use musik.

yourmomma got you.

You DM your location.

A kid shows up in a van with a soundboks and a bunch of water.

That should be enough for hours on end. The rest you’ll have to handle yourself.

But now you got a driver there you can bribe 😎

Contribute 169 and soundboks is yours for 24 hours. Delivered. Remember to ask an adult for permission if it’s at their place 🤓

Tap hug. Contribute 69.

Addon: We bring a relaxing masseuse and the van turns into a mobile massage clinic for dancers.

Releases pain and only that probably. The other stuff you’ll have handle with the other dancers 🤗

Contribute 4200 for that.

Last thing is to invest in a van for this which a kid will rent out for you like this and on airbnb as a camper an. It’s an electric van

69636 for that

Oh and then of course you can be that kid who runs this business. Or among the ones who drive the van. Or do the massage.

1000 for that

Currently we lack a supplier of the water too. 3 customers for a minimum contribution

Kids! All payments help raise funds to contribute water to children and families in Ethiopia