You’re an artist.

You go off stage. You get pissed. And drink. Or both. Or neither.

You have fun. People you love and care for are there.

You made it they say. It’s success. And you have lots of it.

But then. When the lights turn off. Nobody to be something for is there.

Who you’re gonna call?

Not a gif of ghost busters


A nobody.

Kinda like a ghost. You can see and touch and feel.

yourmomma offer that as a service.

So you’re no longer the last woman or man standing.

Everyone is a nut job when dancing on their own 🤗

But we know you’re a woman when you’re the one that is everything for everyone else.

Right, kids?

Here is the deal:

24 hours with a nobody.

A nobody who is everything to everyone else. Just like you 🤗

That’s the offer.

nobody’s art piece

You DM your or the venues location to yourmomma

A nobody shows up asap. With a car.

A campervan in fact. Just in case the road makes the most sense to hit.

Get it!

Here is soemthing to talk about to remove your fear, this will be weird.

It’s a challenge.

you can start with it, end with it, pull it out anytime you need to or completely forget about it.

This is your challenge:

Try to make a nobody cry with musik.

You need it both. Probably. 🤗

lyrics somewhat butchered in translating from one hell of a lady

P.S. nobody likes dancing 🕺 💃 🕺 💃

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